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Welcome to Geetanjali Mehandi Artist, where every stroke is a testament to the rich culture of Mehandi artistry. Our diverse array of services caters to a spectrum of tastes, blending tradition with modern flair. As a leading Mehandi artist, we take pride in offering a range of styles that elevate your celebrations to new heights. Explore our signature Mehandi services, each a masterpiece in its own right.

General Mehandi

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!

Classic Style

General Mehandi, with its classic patterns and universal appeal, stands as a symbol of timeless elegance. Our skilled artisans at Geetanjali Mehandi Artist breathe life into traditional motifs, creating designs that resonate across cultures and occasions. Whether it's a festive gathering or a casual celebration, General Mehandi adds a touch of grace to your hands and feet.

Flexibility Discovered

General Mehandi is known for its versatility, allowing for creativity in patterns and placement. Our artists, well-versed in this style, offer designs that complement your outfit, personal style, and the event. Trust Geetanjali Mehandi Artist for General Mehandi that transcends trends and showcases the enduring beauty of henna art.

Rajasthani Mehandi/ Jaipuria Mehandi

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!


Luxury in Culture

Step into the regal world of Rajasthani Mehandi, where every design tells a story of cultural opulence. Geetanjali Mehandi Artist brings the vibrant traditions of Rajasthan to life through intricate patterns inspired by the state's rich heritage. Rajasthani Mehandi is a celebration of artistry and history, capturing the essence of royal grandeur.


Peacock designs and complex patterns

At Geetanjali, our Rajasthani Mehandi services feature intricate motifs, paisleys, and the iconic peacock designs that are synonymous with Rajasthani art. These elements are delicately woven into bespoke patterns, creating a visual symphony that captivates and mesmerizes.

Traditional Mehandi

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!


A Tribute to Tradition

Traditional Mehandi is more than art; it's an ode to tradition, a timeless expression of cultural significance. Geetanjali Mehandi Artist honors this heritage by offering traditional Mehandi services that capture the essence of celebration and rituals. From auspicious symbols to geometric patterns, our designs embody the spirit of tradition.


Festival likes the beauty

For weddings, festivals, and cultural events, Traditional Mehandi holds a special place. Our artists intricately weave symbols like lotus flowers, mango leaves, and intricate mandalas, creating designs that reflect the ceremonial splendor of traditional Mehandi art.

Arabic Mehandi

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!


Modern beauty, Cultural Roots

Arabic Mehandi is a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and deep-rooted cultural symbolism. Geetanjali Mehandi Artist specializes in Arabic Mehandi, offering designs that are contemporary yet deeply connected to the rich heritage of henna art. The fusion of bold outlines and floral patterns creates a visual spectacle.


Grace and Flexibility

Arabic Mehandi is characterized by its fluidity and grace. The designs seamlessly flow, often covering hands and arms in an artistic dance of henna. Geetanjali's Arabic Mehandi services are a celebration of this fluid art form, where every curve and swirl tells a story of contemporary elegance.

Stylish Mehandi/Bombay-Cut Mehandi

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!


Innovation Redefined

Stylish Mehandi at Geetanjali Mehandi Artist is where innovation meets individuality. Our artists redefine Mehandi artistry by incorporating contemporary patterns, geometric shapes, and innovative designs. If you're a trendsetter seeking a bold and unique statement, our Stylish Mehandi services are tailor-made for you.


Innovative Designs

Step into the avant-garde world of Stylish Mehandi, where conventional boundaries are pushed, and new trends are set. Geetanjali artists bring forth their creativity, offering designs that are chic, fashionable, and perfect for individuals who wish to showcase their personality through Mehandi art.

Bridal/Groom Mehandi

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!


Relevance and Beauty

Bridal/Groom Mehandi at Geetanjali is more than an adornment; it's a narrative of love and commitment. Our Bridal/Groom Mehandi services symbolize grandeur, with designs tailored to complement the significance of weddings. From intricate motifs to personalized symbols, every stroke tells the story of a beautiful journey.


Process of Collaborative Design

Geetanjali Mehandi Artist involves brides in a collaborative design process, understanding their vision, preferences, and cultural significance. Our personalized approach ensures that Bridal Mehandi is not just a form of decoration but a cherished part of the couple's narrative.

Discover Mehandi's beauty with Geetanjali

Experience the Art of Mehandi with Us!

At Geetanjali Mehandi Artist, our Mehandi services are more than an art form; they're an expression of joy, tradition, and individuality. Our talented artists are dedicated to transforming your idea into a Mehandi masterpiece, whether you're looking for the timeless charm of Traditional Mehandi, or the modern style of Stylish Mehandi. The flexibility of Arabic Mehandi, the classic attraction of General Mehandi, or the relevance and beauty of Bridal Mehandi. Contact us to start a journey of Mehandi artistry that transcends expectations and adds a touch of beauty to your special moments.