Mehandi, also referred to as henna, has a long history and is traditionally used to embellish brides. Due to its delicate patterns and ethereal representation, it remains a popular cultural symbol in wedding ceremonies, especially those of Indian and Middle Eastern origin.

With the new year’s approach in 2024, new trends have been introduced and the Mehandi of bridal wear has come out in a new look, where motifs with traditional and modern style elements have been incorporated.

The new addition in this article is that we are sharing the new trends in bridal mehandi with our readers along with useful tips regarding selection of the design and a brief insight into one of the leading Bridal mehandi artist in Chandigarh i.e.  Geetanjali Mehandi Artist.

No matter whether you’re a woman about to get married soon or just someone who loves getting henna done on their body, this guide will help you by giving information about all the latest trends.

The Significance of Mehandi in Weddings

Now, I will get to know the trends, it is important to know why mehandi is of great importance in wedding event. In fact, mehandi is not just a form of body art; it’s so much more than that – it symbolizes love and joy and culture.

Mehandi is typically applied on the occasion of marriage and is usually preceded by music and dancing, which makes it a much-awaited part of the wedding sequence.

Originally, Mehandi is thought to have been used as protection from evil and seeing as a bride is getting married, having this mystical ability to bring luck is the perfect reason for her to adorn herself with this beautiful art form.

The Evolution of Bridal Mehandi

Bridal mehandi has come a long way, evolving from traditional patterns to modern, innovative designs.

This evolution reflects changes in bridal fashion, cultural influences, and individual preferences. As we look forward to 2024, it’s clear that bridal Mehandi will continue to embrace new trends while honoring its rich heritage.

Bridal Mehandi Artist In Chandigarh

2024 Bridal Mehandi Trends

·         Minimalist Designs

Nowadays, simplicity is being embraced by mehandi designers and this can be evidenced by the minimalistic designs. Today’s brides are choosing delicate and refinement patterns of dresses that does not too much stress on the bride and goes well with the whole environment.

These designs are usually includerawing of flowers, insertion of cubes of natural geometric shapes and less complicated designs which give modern touch for Mehandi art. It can be helpful for brides who seek a more elegant and refined type of wedding gown with a delicate pattern.

·         Personalized Elements

It has emerged that putting a personal touch to bridal mehandi design is on the rise. To be more precise, mehandi designs that brides use are personal as they try to involve elements that depict their personalities, love stories, and important milestones in their lives.

This could be initials, marriage dates or any other signs that one may find worthy to have engraved. Such type of mehandi designs also creates a message of intimacy to the art as compared to the normal mehandi designs.

·         Fusion of Styles

The combination that is arising in 2024 is that of various mehandi styles together. Pakistani brides are now moving away from traditional baroque designs and simply adding Indian, Arabic and Moroccan styles together in a unique and memorable way.

With this, this art of mehandi design becomes more complex with different kind of patterns and motifs giving it a beautiful and detailed appearance.

·         Intricate Finger Designs

Another trend that has not yet gone unnoticed is that intricate designs of the fingers are the other real favorite. These are can either be very fine, almost becoming lacy to broader and more striking designs that makes the attention turn to the hands.

The finger designs are especially popular for the brides, who wish to have an ornate mehandi design on palms but with comparatively less detailing.

·         Themed Mehandi

Hence, mehandi designs based on different themes are the new rage amongst every girl who is getting married. The subject for themes can be inspired from different things including; nature, movies, mythology, books, etc.

This trend is quite unique to mehandi designs, which makes the creations very personal and unique, elaborate, and inventive.

The Role of Bridal Mehandi Artist

A mehandi artist especially the bridal mehandi artist always ensures that the mehandi is not only done nicely, but also a wonderful event. They possess artistry, expertise, and considerable insight about tradition in the culture they are depicting.

Here are some aspects of their role:

Bridal Mehandi Artist In Chandigarh

Choosing the Right Bridal Mehandi Artist in Chandigarh

When it comes to bridal mehandi, it is very important that the right artist is chosen for the perfect design. Hiring an experienced mehandi artist proves valuable in helping bring the fantasy to life and guarantee that your henna compliment the bridal attire and endure the various events.

While choosing Bridal Mehandi Artist In Chandigarh, the portfolio, experience, and customer feedback must be taken into account.

Trends in Bridal Mehandi Application

1. Pre-Wedding Mehandi Parties

Haldi Mehandi night has also become fashionable among the brides to be, where the bride and her friends and family sit for applying mehandi together. This entails dancing, songs, and celebrations, thus making it charming and exciting part of the wedding traditons.

It also offers guests the chance to get their mehandi done by an expert in the field The following practices are also common among the participants.

2. Mehandi for the Groom

Mehandi has been regarded as a art done by the brides, but grooms are also opting more to get mehandi designs done on them. There are simple and manly likes of grooms and those grooms simple attire usually have geometric designs or symbols that they find significant.

This trend proves change and progress in wedding traditions and the open-mindedness in mehandi.

3. Digital Mehandi Design Trials

It has been seen that with the advancement of technology brides can do the trial of mehandi designs on their hands through digital means. These help them to see various designs on their hands and feet before placing an order for the final one.

Digital trials are effective, and with the help of technology, allow choosing an exquisite mehandi design leaving no doubts.

Spotlight on Geetanjali Mehandi Artist

Geetanjali Mehandi Artist is one of the best bridal mehandi artist in Chandigarh and nearby areas.

Having practiced for many years and having a love for details, Geetanjali has built a reputation for providing beautiful hand crafted mehandi.

Our portfolio includes a number of styles, from classic to modern, which means that we will fit almost any bride desire. Through the aesthetic sense and sheer hard work Geetanjali tries to make sure that each bride’s mehandi looks as beautiful as it should.

Bridal Mehandi Artist In Chandigarh

FAQs on Mehandi Artists

Q : When it comes to bridal mehandi, what is the duration of time taken to apply the design?

Thus, the time taken to apply will depend on the bridal mehandi design style, meaning that larger styles and designs will take longer time than smaller ones. With our mehandi work having been described as intricate specifically for the bride’s hands and feet, from wrists to elbows and knees respectively a complete bridals mehandi takes between 4-8 hours.

It is also important to devote enough time and think through the time frame of the session to guarantee a positive outcome.

Q : Can anyone help me to get the mehandi stains darker?

To achieve a darker mehandi stain, follow these tips:


It has been always a pleasure to have mehandi for the bride and bridesmaid’s ceremony and has never outgrown its tradition. In trying to predict the tendencies of automotive design for the year 2024, one would have to talk about minimalism, individualization, expressive styles’ integration, and experimenting.

Whether you are going for a more classic look or one that is more modern, you have to find an excellent and talented Bridal Mehandi Artist In Chandigarh who will be able to realize your ideas.

Geetanjali Mehandi Artist itself captures the essence and standards of the first-class mendi artist who can turn artistic corners and provide the client the accurate, artistic as well culturally sensitive design.

If you decide on Geetanjali, we can guarantee your bridal Mehandi will be memorable and symbolic for the special day.

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